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How whey protein can help you

By : Brendan Ruff 0 Comments
21 Sep

Whey Protein rundown:

  • Help build lean muscle
  • Aid Recovery
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Boost immune system
  • 30 – 60 grams ideally after weight training, but can be used any time of the day.

Whey Protein isn’t just used by Bodybuilders or the “Bulky Dudes” in the gym. Taking a Whey protein supplement has many benefits, if used in conjunction with good training plan and the right nutrition. If you’re training hard and sticking to a diet full of lean protein, fibre and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies and good-quality carbs, but still not seeing the results you want then a whey protein may just help you achieve those results. But that’s not the only reason it should be a part of your daily routine.

  1. Lose fat and preserve muscle

Whey protein helps lose fat and preserve muscle. Have you reduced your caloric intake hoping to shed some fat? If so, you might be interested to learn that researchers in Minnesota conducted a 12 week study where subject’s daily caloric intake was reduced by 500 calories. They then gave some participants whey, and the rest were given an isocaloric mix beverage. Those consuming whey lost a significantly greater amount of body fat (6.1% total) and better preserved their muscle. If you have an urge to snack on something, try a whey protein bar.

  1. Increase size and strength

Are you smashing it out in the gym every day hoping to make gains? Researchers at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, took 19 men performing resistance training over a 10-week period and gave some of them 14 grams of whey and casein protein along with 6 grams of free amino acids, while giving the rest a 20-gram placebo. Those who consumed the whey had much greater increases in lean muscle and overall strength. Aim to consume whey one hour before and after exercise for optimum results.

  1. Reduce hunger

Whey could help you reduce hunger and avoid overeating. Australian researchers had 28 obese men consume four different drinks. Those who consumed the beverage containing 50 grams of whey had significantly reduced levels of ghrelin (a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry) up to four hours later. So instead of munching on unhealthy snacks, drink a protein shake or eat a protein bar instead.


Although only touching on a few points, we hope that this may shed some light in to how whey protein may help achieve your goals.

We at Amp’D Fitness are love helping our members reach their goals, so  if you have any questions feel free to ask either Kylie or Brendan and we are more than happy to point you in the right direction!

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