Total War

When you’re ready to hit the gym with guns blazing, want clinically dosed ingredients and you’re looking to initiate Total War in the gym, this is the pre-workout you want in your arsenal.

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When you’re ready to hit the gym with guns blazing, Want clinically dosed ingredients, and you're looking to initiate Total War in the gym, Total War is the pre-workout you want in your arsenal! With close to 13g of active ingredients per scoop, Total War brings the pain when it comes to maximum dosed ingredients for maximum performance.

Features Of Total War

  • EPIC Pumps
  • EXTREME Focus
  • INTENSE Energy

Total War’s combination of powerful stimulants, nootropics and maximally dosed nitric oxide compounds, make it one of the top tier pre-workout supplements on the market. With an unrivaled ingredient panel which is completely transparent, Total War will get you to the highest level of readiness you will ever experience. 

Core Ingredients

Citrulline Malate

Clinically researched, Citrulline Malate, shows increases in nitric oxide levels. In addition this may result in increased strength and endurance through the increase in blood flow, glucose uptake and oxygen delivery to the muscles.

Beta Alanine

One of two amino acids responsible for aiding the increased speed of lactic acid removal, as a result Beta Alanine is able to enhance muscle endurance and high-intensity performance and therefore may result in greater recovery in between sets for those using it to enhance performance in the gym.

Caffeine (Anhydrous)

Total War is both a high stimulant and a high nutrient preworkout. When you ingest caffeine, it hitches a ride to your brain via your bloodstream. There, it mimics adenosine, a compound that’s present throughout your body. Adenosine works like a depressant, slowing you down and making you sleepy. Caffeine mimics adenosine so effectively. As a result it is able to take the place of adenosine in your brain and liven things up therefore giving you mental energy, increase in strength and endurance.


Taurine has a wide range of health benefits. Most noteworthy is it's benefit for increasing mental focus and promoting muscular endurance.


The Juniperus Berry extract provides a steady stream of energy known to decrease water weight, Especially noteworthy is that  AMPiBerry works best when it is paired with caffeine.


Shown to improve blood glucose control via a perceived improvement of insulin regulation.


Final Thoughts

Maximum energy and drive, Gives incredible focus that lasts long after the workout is finished. No crash afterwards and found it suppressed appetite. In conclusion, With complete label transparency and clinically dosed ingredients, Total War truly is in a league of its own.

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