Green Tea X50

Green Tea X50 Available Now! A awesome tasting energy drink designed to help detoxify, boost metabolism and provide an excellent source of anti oxidants to the body. A range of fantastic flavors get yours today!

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Green Tea X50


Everybody has heard of the benefits from green tea. Introducing Green Tea X50 a super clean drink that provides an instant energy hit, detoxify's your bodies organs, helps increase the metabolic rate and by doing so helps to burn more BODY FAT. Free of guarana, X50 stimulates fat loss through thermogenisis. As a concentrated source of green tea powder (approx 20 serves of green tea in a single sachet) X50 Green Tea provides the body with the ultimate antioxidant formula that posses amazing free radical scavenging properties. With all this in mind Green Tea X50 can be taken to help with detox, aid weight loss and to provide a energy hit.

Lets take a closer look –

Ingredients –

Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis): Loaded with polyphenolic antioxdants Green Tea extracts help prevent many degenerative health conditions. Also containing Theanine and EGCG  both have anti-inflammatory properties.

Resveratrol (Fallopia Japonica): An antioxidant  found commonly in the skin of fruits (Berries,grapes and nuts) also in high concentrations within red wine. Studies have concluded Resveratrol is a important Phytonutrient, What is a Phytonutrient you ask? Phytonutrients are a plant chemical that helps to reduce inflammation, prevent free radical damage and also offer protection against cancers. Most noteworthy is that Green Tea X50 contains as much Reservatrol as 25 glasses of red wine.

L-Theanine: An Amino acid that occurs naturally in green tea leaves. Theanine is famous for its ability to improve mental alertness, clarity and focus.

EGCG: Epigallactocatechin Gallate also known as EGCG. A polyphenolic compound being responsible for the powerful antioxidant effect of green tea and its fat burning potential. Importantly some studies have shown EGCG helps to start the thermogenic process whilst also help as a natural weight loss aid.

Trace minerals: Containing trace minerals Green Tea X50 is perfect for maintaining water balance which is crucial to health. Also note that trace minerals play a crucial role in enhancing immune health, metabolism and energy.


A awesome tasting instant energy drink that is packed with antioxidants. Green Tea X50 polyphenolic compounds, EGCG and catechins provide the perfect formula for stimulating metabolism. By aiding in weight loss, helps detox and improve energy levels. By stimulating thermogenesis Green Tea X50 helps the body burn fat more efficiently, whilst also providing a much better energy source then regular soft drinks or energy drinks. Which both containing high amounts of sugar. Another bonus, Green Tea X50 is 100% diabetic friendly! We loved the multitude of flavors and the assorted packs give beginners a chance to sample a heap of flavors.



What should I take with Green Tea X50

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Or if you are really wanting to ramp up the fat burning process we suggest stacking Green Tea X50 with  KETO SWITCH Ketogenic performance fuel



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