CARDIOBURN Available Now! A specially formulated fat burner that simply delivers. Great tasting, high energy and awesome metabolism boosting blends. Get yours today!

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Ladies, struggling to find a thermogenic that is SPECIFICALLY formulated for women?

Well we've got the product for you, CARDIOBURN specially formulated thermogenic fat burner that simply delivers. No cold sweats, no loss of focus from over stimulation, and no shakiness. Just pure, fat-incinerating effects. CARDIOBURN's designed to take the guesswork out of supplementing for women, without compromising on efficacy. Just how has the team at MuscleSport achieved this? Well lets take a look at the ingredients



Energy and Focus Blend

CARDIOBURN utilises a 3-way adrenergic blend. In brief the energy and focus blend has been designed to enhance the release of adrenaline through caffeine. Importantly caffeine massively aids in ramping up the metabolism to speed up the fat burning process, epinephrine is released to enhance focus which aids in breaking down stored body fat.

Together with Choline, these two ingredients work synergistic-ally and are shown to significantly aid cognitive performance.

Fat Burning Blend

L-Carnitine the critical amino acid, linked to enhanced delivery and oxidation of fatty acids. CARDIOBURN has taken this to the next level by utilising L-Carnitine- L- Tartrate. This combination has the added benefit of pain reduction and reduced muscle damage, coupling this with Glycocarn (GPLC) further enhances physical performance as well as improving peripheral blood flow.

Coumabuterol Blend

As can be seen this blend is the real deal!

By blending alpha 1 antagonists and beta agonists, CARDIOBURN's coumabuterol blend is designed to aid in the breakdown of fat stores like never before! Similar to Yohimbe, Rauwolscine has been shown to inhibit Alpha 2 Adrenergic receptors, in particular these receptors have been linked as being the receptors responsible for stubborn fat.

Anti-Catabolic Blend

Commonly known that if you want to burn more fat and look trim and toned muscle preservation is key! CARDIOBURN have therefore added BCAA's to the formula to round off a perfect blend. Thus ensuring a higher metabolism to keep burning the fat stores away.

What should I take with CARDIOBURN?

A perfect addition to CARDIOBURN is Amino Switch.  Amino Switch is highly bio available, virtually ZERO calories and containing all 9 Essential Amino Acids to aid muscle recovery and prevent  muscle breakdown.

Final Thoughts

CARDIOBURN is a fantastic well rounded blend that will help increase focus and energy, control appetite and metabolize that stubborn unwanted body fat.





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